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The team have been building advanced automation systems for over 10 years. Our systems are used to cut produce at exactly the right point, reducing food waste and improving yield. To find out more about the systems listed below, fill in the contact form with your contact details and the problem you wish to solve – because we can solve it for you.

The Vegetable Trimmer

Trimming stems and topping and tailing

The Product Inspector

Inspecting produce in real time, post harvest

The 3D Product Labeller

Applying labels to odd shaped packages using robotics.

The Biscuit & Cake Icer

Icing cakes and biscuits using robotics with AI. Removing the human element but retaining the artisan look.

The Carrot Baton Machine Feeder

This system automatically feeds a Francis Overall carrot baton machine. It requires zero labour to accurately place the carrots crown first into the baton machine.