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A management team with 115 years combined experience in the design and installation of robotics and automation for food production


3D Food Robotics Ltd (3DFRL) is a business providing robotics and automation with AI for the efficient production of fresh produce, removing the reliance on a low skilled human work force.

The 3DRFL founders have built award winning and unique food processing systems that address very modern needs: addressing food waste, sustainability, improving shelf life, food hygiene and most importantly for our customers, improving profitability.

The 3DFRL systems have been deployed in the processing of fresh produce, industrial bakery and fish and seafood.

Diverse applications with commonality: The need to process something that does not have rigidly defined specifications. Cakes, biscuits, fish and vegetables are all recognisable as such. But to process these items individually requires human beings who use their two eyes, their brain, their hands and (very typically) a knife.

The advent of powerful computing, advanced industrial vision and super precise robotics means that a robot cell can do the work of a human; locating the stem on a sprout and cutting it at exactly the right place, mapping the surface of a biscuit and applying icing at exactly the right point, finding the centre of a cauliflower and removing the core – regardless of its orientation.

These advances in machine automation means the challenges presented by the difficulties in recruiting low skilled labour together with the associated increased costs of a human work-force, can be addressed by the 3D Food Robotics food processing systems.

Management Team

Bob Hinchcliffe

Bob Hinchcliffe

Bob has vast experience as a mechanical engineer and has been building innovative automation machinery for the food sector since 1990. Bob is a renowned engineer with an enviable reputation in the machine building industry known for his problem solving skills in fresh produce, fishery and seafood processing. This diverse expertise means 3DFRL customers know they will get the very best in problem solving creativity. Bob is a champion of 3D Machine Vision and has exploited the opportunity that marrying 3D vision with robotics presents and it is this unique offering that this business is based.